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Foundation Zeke Logan ((F)) Secret Society X Metro Skateboarding

In Conjunction with Foundation and Ambush Board Co, Metro is proud to declassify a few entries from the book of (F)'s Secret Society. Zeke is definitely bringin home the bacon with these clips, if you can easily identify a crusty-ass spot through VX footy you know these spots ain't easy to shred wit the style he is! Riding for Ambush Board Co. Zeke holds it down for the Atlanta metro area.

Foundation Secret Society is a group of riders representing Foundation Super Co. regionally throughout the USA and internationally. With that the riders also are representing their local skate shop in that region. Both the rider and the shop are chapter members of Foundation Super Co. We are all working together to helping build their local skate scene.

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Skating by - Zeke Logan (@squirm420)

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Coming soon is an exclusive Foundation Secret Society collab deck with Ambush Board Co. Stay tuned for details!
Posted August 25th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Foundation Secret Society Interview: Rudy Garcia

Where did you grow up skating?

I grew up skating in El Chuco town (El Paso, Texas).

How long you been skating?
I've been skating for 10 years.

Where you live now?
I live in North Hollywood at the moment.

When did you move to Los Angeles?
I moved to Los Angeles right after the Dekline team went to El Paso for King of the Road 2011. I was pretty much inspired by Mike Sinclair in a conversation we had to move away from Texas and I did it a week after they had left town.

Was it for skating?
Yes, it was. I definitely moved to LA for skating but the way I was able to get stuck out here for good was going to college. I study film at the Art Institute of Hollywood. I'm pretty much in a $130,000 debt but fuck it, I was down and I still am.

What do you like about the LA skate scene?
Everyone is always down to go film. Someone is always out on a mission, it's so sick. All the homies are always working on projects. I love it! It's so much fun and full of people wanting to go out and ride!

What do you miss about El Paso skate scene?
All the homies.

You recently went to Europe for the first time. Your trip sounded incredible. What were all the countries you visited and how long where you there?
I went to Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and the UK. I was out there for two months, it was so rad!

What was your favorite city to visit?
Barcelona was the best!! There are so many good spots out there. Every skateboarder has to go out there at least once. I also met a girl out there who backs me hard, so I'm hyped on that! I'm definitely going back soon! 

Any sketchy situations with the law and skating in one of the countries?  
The homies got in a huge rumble with some Europe gangsters while we were looking for spots in a sketchy neighborhood. Luckily no one got hurt but it was crazy! 

Eating in a different country can be tough sometimes. Any funny or weird food situations?
Kebab was my go to out there. We also ate so much McDonalds cuz it was the only place that would accept American card so we were fucked if we didn't have Euros.  

Now that your back in the states, what have you been up to?
Now I'm back to college and riding with all my LA bros.

Are you filming for a video part right now?
For now I'm filming for the flow section in the Dekline video that drops in December. I'm also filming a videopart for a video called #VintageXtinction thats LA based. All the homies that are working for video parts rip, so I'm exited to see the out come of this project.

Any plans to for big trips in the near future?
As of for now Barcelona in December. 

Who's all hooking you up right now?
I get Foundation, Dekline, Ashbury, Sosa grip and Underground wheels. Shout out to Mike Sinclair, Tyler Culbertson, Nick Merlino, Lance Hakker, Walter Lohr, Rocky Chavez, èlia Macià Puig, Crooks Skateshop in El Paso,TX, my friends and parents for keeping me rolling and believing in me!
Posted August 22nd, 2014

Foundation Austin Zito Full Video Part on Transworld Mag

Austin Zito turned heads in the Transworld Skateboard Magazine March 2014 issue with this heavy 9 Frames and followed up with a  Proof Is In The Pudding. Now he teams up with TWS again to bring you a full video part he just finished. "Some flip-in to rails, crook pop overs, and of course that gnarly ender. Yeah, Austin!" - Transworld Skate Mag
Posted August 12th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson