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Foundation Conlan Killeen | Foundation Secret Society X Metro

In Conjunction with Foundation and Ultimate Dist., Metro is proud to declassify a few entries from the book of (F)'s Secret Society. Conlan Killeen @genghisconlan definitely got the blood of a true Canadian ripper! With both a rad trick selection and smooth style Conlan's skating is all around good time to watch! Foundation Secret Society is a group of riders representing Foundation Super Co. regionally throughout the USA and internationally. With that the riders also are representing their local skate shop in that region. Both the rider and the shop are chapter members of Foundation Super Co. We are all working together to helping build their local skate scene.
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Posted October 17th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Daniel Dubois Exclusive Interview

Daniel Dubois has been terrorizing the streets of Nor Cal for some time now. The skate mags have taken notice, resulting in coverage with Thrasher and TWS.  Daniel's relationship to the Foundation Super Co started before he was a teenager, back when Corey Duffel took him under his wing and started flowing him boards. He's been backing Foundation for several years now and we're definitely looking forward to what he drops next!

Since this story starts with Corey discovering Daniel's skating back in the day, who better to interview Daniel, than the Duffman himself.

CD: Hey Daniel! Why do people call you Fat Dan?
DD: I was in a video and no one knew my last name so they put me down as Fat Dan and it stuck.

When was the first time that we skated together and how old were you at the time?
DD: I'm pretty sure it was at Walnut Creek skate park. I was probably 12 years old at the time, haha.

Your dad is epic, you have any awesome Big Ed stories? I remember meeting him for the first time when you were probably 12. He picked you up in his mustang and was talking to me about the drums.
Haha, hell yeah my dad is the man. He's in a band and will text me from shows asking what to say to chicks. It never works out but at least he tries.

Photo: Dan Z

Why did you trade in the Camaro for a Mini Cooper?
Hahaha the Mini Cooper is my girlfriend's car, she just lets me use it sometimes. I sold the Camaro because it was a money pit. I want another one though.

How do you feel about putting in so much effort to do a gnarly trick and have it end up on Instagram or online?
It can be a bummer. It's better than nothing, but if I had to choose I'd save it for a real video.

I can't wait to see your part in the new Foundation video. Which parts are you looking forward to and are you stoked to film for your first am video part?
I'm more than stoked! It's nerve racking to think about. I definitely want to see T-Spliff, Ryan Spencer and a part from you.

Frontside Flip
Photo: Dan Z

Being from Northern California and the Bay Area, lets hear some of your favorite bay skaters?
That's a tough one. There's quite a few. My friends are favorite skaters.

How would you describe the city your from?
Martinez is... Nice. It's a small town where meth and OxyContin are easy to come by. It has a nice oil refinery too.

You and I are the only NorCal Super Co skaters, who else would you like to see on the team from up north if it was possible? I use to love it when Mike Rusyck and Strubing were on. It is nice having a few friends/team mates in the area. I know I am fucking stoked that your on the squad.
If it were possible I'd go with Jack Fardel and Alex Conn. Alex has a one of a kind style and Fardel is the gnarliest dude out there.

What makes SF better than LBC?
Everything. Expect Cherry Park.

Gap to Noseblunt.
Photo: Dan Z

Do you think the spots in SF are a bit more rugged and raw? I know I've always felt the northern CA spots are gnarlier and have way more personality? I am totally bias and would always rather see bay area footage than a schoolyard in LA.
Yeah whatever blows your dress up, you know? Spots in northern CA have a lot more character to me. Getting a trick on a spot that has some history behind it feels better than skating a spot a thousand people have skated.

When do you wanna go down and see the Long Beach homies?
I'm down whenever!

Enough of this nonsense, lets go shred! Who would you like to thank?
Thank you Corey for helping out over the years, Brendan Bill for filming and putting up with my shit, my girlfriend Elliot for putting up with my shit too, My Mom and Dad, Aconn,Iriemon, Joel Jutagir, Greg Millions, Sinclair, Jamie and Griffen at vans, Mikendo, Tyler at Tum Yeto, Dan Z, Joe Brook, Dave Chami, Doug, and uh everyone else. You know who you are. Thank you!
Posted September 25th, 2014