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Foundation Andrew Wenckster | Reality Check

Canadian Secret Society member Andrew Wenckster just released an epic full part for a homey video called Reality Check.

Video by Cody Bale
Posted May 29th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Al Brunelle | The Skateboard Mag

"Al Brunelle recently came down to San Diego and wreaked havoc on an assortment of ditch spots, skateparks, and this week's Rip Clip." The Skateboard Mag
Film/Edit: Zack Dowdy
Posted May 23rd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation FSS Interview: Anthony Anaya

Hey Anthony, Where are you from?

I'm from Santa Maria, CA. I grew up skating here when I was about 9 and I'm still living and skating here.

How long you been skating for One Way Board Shop? How did that come about?

I've been skating for One Way for about 5 years now! I used to skate for a different shop, but I was skating with everyone at One Way and was always going there and Dan (owner) would help me out so it all just fell into place. I work at One Way now, so I'm skating the park almost everyday before going out to film, it's awesome!

Frontside Lipslide

I hear you teach skateboard lessons. That's so rad.

Yeah, when we got the new park at One Way, Dan hired me to help out with skate lessons, so I've been doing it for a while now. We have them three days out of the week at the park, and it's usually kids from around age 6-12 that have never skated before or that can roll around pretty good.

Damn Am. 8th place last year to 3rd in Damn Am this year. Gotta feel pretty good right? 

It was awesome, I was super stoked to place that well because everyone was killing it! And last year I broke my ankle a couple weeks after that contest. It felt really good to do better than the year before, after having to recover for six months.

Some of the TWS dudes refer to you as Anthony Annihilating when you where skating Damn Am. Anyone ever call you that before?

Haha yeah, it was pretty funny. They've been calling me that or the Anayal8r, but I originally got it from Dave Duncan when I was a little kid skating bowl contests. It's kinda stuck with me since then!

Smith grind

Recently you made the trip to AZ for PHX Am. How did that trip go?

The trip to PHXAM this year was sick! Me and ten other guys from One Way went down in the van and had a rad time. I blew it in the contest but we still got some filming done and got to see Death perform, so everyone was hyped.

No Big Whoop, the homie video you were in... Who was all involved with that? Did you travel much to film your part?

No Big Whoop was filmed & edited by my friend Roman Davis, and it featured pretty much everyone that rides for One Way. Including all the local rippers from the central coast for the friends section. We didn't travel much for the video, almost all of the clips are in Santa Maria or within an hour north and south of here with a few clips from LA.

What's one of your most memorable moments from filming for Big Whoop?

Hmmm, all of our trips to LA to visit our homie Bob are always the best, but I'd have to say that the most memorable moment was the intro clip to Cody LaBoy's part where he face slides for like ten feet into a scorpion in the dirt! He lands a rad trick right before, so the whole clip was amazing & hilarious at the same time! I will definitely never forget that! Haha

Switch Frontside Flip

Noticed you're into shooting polaroids. That's awesome. What kind of cameras do you shoot with? Any plans with the photos?

I use my Polaroid 210 & 335, it's a land camera and they're really fun to shoot with! I normally just use black and white film to shoot skating & color for everything else. I'm pretty bummed though because the film for these cameras are being discontinued, so the prices just went up a lot more. I don't have any plans for my photos yet, but one thing that my friends & I always do is leave the negative at the spot so people can see what happened!

Any favorite photographers that are an inspiration to your photos?

I really like the photos that French Fred takes, cause they're usually from a different perspective and it looks really rad. But mainly just seeing the photos that my friends Derek & Jeremy take, since they got me into shooting with Polaroids.

You shoot skating much?

I shoot skating all the time with my Polaroid, but most of the time I'm either filming everyone with my camera or trying to get a clip as well!

Who do you look up to in skateboarding?

The first video I owned and watched over & over was Skate More, so I was inspired by Keith Hufnagel and Jason Dill, I can literally watch those parts everyday and they'd still get my hyped to skate! But I look up to like Danny Way or anyone that just pushes themselves to their limits for skateboarding, it's ridiculous what's already been done in skateboarding and what is still to come, it blows my mind!

180 switch crook

What's one of your earliest memories about Foundation Skateboards?
One of my earliest memories of Foundation was probably seeing Cataclysmic Abyss when it came out! I didn't really watch skate videos before that, except for like Skate More since I owned it, so seeing the stuff they were doing blew my mind! After that, I started watching all the skate videos I could find!  

What's next for you skating and photography-wise?
Just keep skating & filming for whatever comes next & just trying to get better & have fun doing it! And I just want to try and get better shooting with my film cameras & take as many photos as possible!

Who's hooking you up at the moment?
I'm getting hooked up by Foundation, Dekline, Pig, Matix, Independent, & One Way Board Shop!

All Photographs shot by Paco Maldonado. See more of Paco's photos here.

Interview by Tyler Culbertson
Posted May 7th, 2014

Foundation Summer in Near

Cody Subido hit the beach in 90 degree weather the other day and went sidewalk surfing.
Photos: Cristian Pirovano
Posted May 6th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson