Tum Yeto Foundation FSS Interview: Cody Subido

Foundation Secret Society Interview with Cody Subido

What's up with the super gnarly scar on your dome, Cody?

Yeah about that haha...long story short, I was assaulted. Got jumped by 5 people at a party. Ended up getting my head kicked for about 10 min. Had a life threatening subdural hematoma (brain bruise) and was put into a coma for 3 weeks. When I woke up I was missing almost 1/3 of my skull and doctors told me I would never walk again do to my brain injury. 3 long ass weeks of physical therapy, with the support of my family and friends, I walked out of the hospital 100% and was back on my board a month later!  Changed my whole perspective on life and makes you appreciate the little things.

Backside Tailslide

What was your approach to skating after you healed up?

I couldn't wait to get back on my board! Relearning how to balance and all that was really frustrating, but once I could skate it was on! i wanted to prove to myself that I could get back to skating with the homies again. The thought of hitting my head is always there, but skateboarding is what I love and I don't ever plan on stopping. Sounds cliché but I can't picture life without skating.

How often you get headaches? Anything help to alleviate that pain?
Yeah man headaches on the every other day program. Pretty jacked but a migraine is a small price to pay considering. For the pain, been on multiple anti migraine medicines for a year and a half now. When all else fails some good ol' mary jane seems to do the trick!


Speaking of brains. What's your first memory of Foundation?
Haha damn! That's a good one ! I'd have to say Justin Roy's part in Art Bars. Duffel and Leo Romero's parts in That's Life so fucking good!!! That was what did it for me!

360 Flip

You skate with T-Spliff  (Taylor Smith) a bunch and you say you're always blown away by his ability on a skateboard (as is everyone else). Why is that?

T-spliff !!!!!! Man don't even know where to start. He'll skate anything you put in front of him. Best Style, best flick... T-Spliff SOTY!!!!!!!

Frontside Feeble

Tell us that story when you first saw T-Spliff at the YMCA.

First day I met Taylor I was at the Encinitas YMCA. We measured 14 feet from a bank ramp into the flat of the vert. I had tried it all day and I was so hyped to roll away, then I look back to see some 3 foot tall fully padded up midget man flying across the park... and kickflips it 1sr try! No joke! Honestly won't ever forget that. Pysched to watch him grow up and shred even more.

Smith grind

Seems like you frequently go on rad side missions with your lady and homies. What do you like to get into when your off the board?
Yeah been going camping a bunch with the lady! She's super supportive with everything. Getting outdoors is always nice getting away from everything. Other than that I'm just playin' with my cat Mr.Pickles he kills it.


All the photos featured in this interview are shot by Cristian Pirovano. How long you been skating and  shooting together?
Damn, I've known Cristian for about 10 years now and have been skating and shooting photos since the day we met.

Nollie Flip

Any projects in the works for you Cody?

Whatever the future brings I'm down! Other than that just keep skating and filming as much as possible.

Cody Subido's Sponsors: Foundation Secret Society, Surfride, Bohnam (flow), PIG (flow)

Photos: Cristian Pirovano
Interview: Tyler Culbertson
Posted March 20th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
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