Buy Local?!?! You so crazy! Why in the world would we be telling you to buy local on Loco? Not really. I grew up skateboarding in the 80's. Most of you were not even close to being born then. Back then the skate scene was so small. The common thread around the world was the skate shops. Before skateboarding was all big, all over TV, all in the mass retailers it was just us... Skateboarders that skateboarded and owned shops and companies. It was not cool to be a skateboarder, but that's what was so cool about being a skateboarder.

Anyway, I grew up skateboarding at the infamous Del Mar Skate Ranch in San Diego, Ca. I worked at the shop there for many years, which ruled. So I know how it is. Skate shops are still scene builders and the life blood for the skateboarding culture around the world.

As a skateboarder you have a choice to support who you want. We want you to support your local scene. If see any product here that you must have you can email us anytime at Tell us what you want and where you live. We will contact your local shop and see if we can get them to get what you need so you can REPRESENT!

If for some reason you live in some godforsaken land of the forgotten where there is no shop then we will direct you to one of our online partners.

If they don't have what you want then you can still have salvation and get your favorite Toy Machine, Foundation, or Pig Wheels gear right here on Hajalalula!

Ok party people, keep on rolling and let's kick some serious ass. And thanks for backing the Yeto.

Tod Swank and the entire Tum Yeto Posse.

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