Hey O -

How you doing? Where are you? We are looking for you. NFA - Not Fair Alert! So many people are looking for you. You cannot just take off into space like that with no notice. 

Loch at Lance’s: I met O at one of the "Loch at Lance’s" events. Pre Foundation, over 35 years ago I think. We were standing on the hillside next to the ramp at Lance’s house, with a bunch of hoods. I had some zines I did and he was looking through and laughing super boisterously. I will never forget that moment in time. 

DMSR: He started showing up at Del Mar Skate Ranch, back when it was deserted mostly. Open but barely anyone there, we had the run of the place. Free skate, mini golf and HiBall. Hand boarding in Kona shallow end, pinball championships and resi sessions into the night. Best times ever. 

TWS: I was a darkroom tech and an early photographer at Transworld, O was a photographer there then too. I developed all the B&W film and did most of the prints for all photographers. I remember more than once O going in claiming there were tools of his on deck to be developed and now missing. We used to argue loudly about that. This was in the Tremont days, the whole building could hear us arguing. Ha. 

Musician Extraordinaire: I’m not an expert here but O was/is huge in music. Behind the scenes, producer, engineer, sound man - anything and everything. Major bands and small, an enthusiast like no other he would be spotted at multiple gigs in the same night, rocking out backstage. My favorite though is O as a singer, songwriter and frontman. Amazing and timeless! Soooooooo many great songs with his instrument, talent and mind-blowing singing. I will always miss seeing him play live, whether blasting at a gig or at my house playing acoustic on the couch (the same acoustic guitar he played in "F - Glam Boys on Wheels video). Yea playing the "Fly" song at the moment. Lucky me.  

Creative Soul - Artist and Skateboarder: Painting, drawing, designing, O did it all! Relentless and never ending, he was the epitome of a creative soul throughout.  He loved skateboarding like no one I have ever known. He was always going skating, always meeting up, sessioning and taking pics of his friends. I don’t know how he did all he did. 

Tum Yeto, Foundation and Watson:  He was there at the start. He helped me design the Foundation oval logo and also named Tum Yeto - Tum Yeto. He was my business advisor, “Hey O this warehouse we can get is 5k sq ft. I’m worried it’s too big!?!” - Tod “Don’t be a pussy, get on it. You fill that shit up quick!” - O He was right. He had an office at TYHQ often but he was never on payroll. He got most of his mail and packages there, I was his mail clerk. He loved Foundation and Watson - these last years he spearheaded the Foundation Teapot Series, doing special limited shapes and graphics with special people. I let him have complete free will to do whatever he wanted. O was a constant at Watson Laminates, working on shapes, and hand painting custom decks. Omnipresent! 

Zoë fun, Thai lunch & Couch naps: These last couple of years he would show up almost weekly to my house. We would hang out, busy doing nothing. I’d do paperwork, we’d go get Thai for lunch. Pick up Zoë from school and then they would battle and laugh endlessly back at the house. I was the non-existent third wheel ; ) Often O would drift off sitting upright on the couch. It was peaceful, I will always cherish those moments. 

Anomaly of an amazing human being in too many places doing too many things and having a great time doing it all…
Miss you amigo. Always on our mind. 

We made these items honoring O and are donating all proceeds to the O memorial fund. Please have at it and for more info or to participate in the fundraising auction please visit  http://otisforever.com

-Tod Swank