Spidey Demontrond

Spidey Demontrond limited skateboard deck to 100 pieces, Graphic By O. A long time friend and A Legend among The Legends of Skateboarding, Spidey Had a highly collectible Skateboard on Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 80s with a crazy cool Sex Pistols influenced Graphic that was made in small quantity and highly prized today, it was drawn by Lance Mountain, another longtime friend, so I’m my really stoked to offer this new model with a very close Grosso influenced Shape with My Art as the Graphic! The board is 9 by 33.5 with a 16 WB, PS Stix Rocker Mold with a Sharp Top, a very fun shape and easily fits into your plethora of Teapot Decks it is Number 5 in the line.  This release coincides with his new Band “The Gentle Orchestra” 1st single entitled “Slow Down” on Go Skate Day! June 21st Foundation Skateboards is very stoked to Have Spidey in the Teapot Collection, Barge! O.


Jeff Ament

Jeff Ament, Last Name Pronounced “A-Ment” easy enough right? I just wanted to get that out of the way. Long Time Skateboarder And has helped build 30 parks in isolated rural towns and Native Reservations with His Unique Skateboard company MPS known as Montana Pool Service, A Name Jeff Borrowed heavily From Wally Inouye in true homage. His MPS Decks made at PS Stix changed my way about thinking wide and long wheelbase! The choices He made, I live by today, Rocker Mold and 16 inch wheelbase with the best Wheel Wells in the business, His Shapes went up my ally too, but getting one is tuff cookies unless you are A sponsored team member! Stoked I made that list! So we at Foundation Skateboards wanted to share the stoke that Jeff created, and that’s the sitch here! This 10 inch Wide and 33 long Football is the actual Shape Jeff Rides, it has all the goodies I mentioned earlier too! 100 people will also get to Ride this rad shape! For the 1st time ever outside of MPS! Along with all that… Jeff is a really great Artist, His painting is the graphic too!!! Love it! To support His Crazy Skateboard collection, He Also Has A Side Gig… He Plays Bass In Pearl Jam



Steve Olson

That’s NOT ART! Are skateboards considered Art? Do all skateboarders buy decks just to hang them up on their walls? Are serious art collectors investing in Skateboards? WTF? We Here at Foundation Skateboards, want to get in on the deal early, so As the finest Purveyors of Skateboarding Art, We Bring to you our 1st Deck in the Tea Pot line that’s considered ART! Yes you can Ride this fine shape, It’s Steve Olson’s Personal Rider Shape and YES it’s his Fine Art on the bottom, A Real Painting Done by The One And Only Legend STEVE OLSON, this limited Deck is Made in A Small Batch! and they will go fast, Im Sure All The Young Fine Art Skateboarding Crowd will by 2, one to RIDE and 1 To Hang. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of STEVE OLSON’s Art at a fraction of his current going rate. FOUNDATION SKATEBOARDS We Know What YOU Want and We Provide What You Need.


Otis B

The Otis B. “Thunder Bunny” Foundation deck, 1st model in the tea pot series that focuses on the past Foundation offerings.
At first glance one might think cruiser board, and that’s half right, it’s meant for cruising pools bowls ditches half pipes and carving out lines in all terrains imaginable! The other half is that this deck is a performance board, it’s made with a sharp top ( no router, just light sanding) that keeps your feet on the board and adds tremendous control. This modern concave designed by Paul Schmitt has a slight rocker in the middle to add more turning potential and carving feel to a long wheelbase, wheelbase is 16 but rides like 14.5 with added stability, also deep wheel wells that are correctly made the prevent wheel bite, 60MM wheels ride great on this deck, anything below is just added bonus. 10 inches wide for maximum glide and 33.5 long for the ultimate Zeppelin feel. Barge!!! ... It’s a limited run, only 100! So Barge! @foundationskateboards #skateboarding @draplin



Smuggling the most... 3 Teapots, In High Flying Action, As Provided By Ripper Liam Pace Look At My Shadow For Truth In Height! 10.5 by 32.5 Mellow Concave. BARGE! 


Petes Pigs

Designed in New England manafactured in San Diego, Two cultures collide In a project that had been brewing for quite sometime, Pete & Swank come together to offer a Limited Run of 100 Decks In Black & White. Graphics and shape by Pete Talbot a long time maker of single batch handcrafted skateboard designs, and Foundation Skateboorads. This 10.5 Wide Glide is part of the Tea Pot Series curated by "O" . Foundation Skateboards providing limitless options for your barging delight.